Here you will find research about faith communities and religious life in Sweden. Some of the publications are written by the Swedish Agency for Support to Faith Communities but we have also gathered other relevant other material which is interesting to the general public.

The Religious Landscape of Sweden
– affinity, affiliation and diversity in the 21 st century

Released 2019 by the Swedish
Agency for support to Faith Communities

What does religious practice and faith look like in today’s Swedish society? This report draws the contour lines of religious diversity in Sweden, focusing on the main religious affiliations and how these groups differ in terms of gender, age, education and income.The report also discuss relations between religion and social cohesion in Sweden.

The analyzes are based on survey data collected by the SOM Institute and the publication is authored by Erika Willander, sociologist working at Uppsala University.

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research about religion and faith communities in Sweden



Statistics on religion in Sweden from PEW Research

The PEW-Templeton Global Religious Futures Project

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Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre (CRS)

Research on the impact of religion at Uppsala University

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Middle Eastern Christians in Europe: Histories, Cultures and Communities

Research project from HERA and S:t Andrews university

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Religion and the Secular State in Sweden

Prof. Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg, Uppsala University

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